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Most of my life I have been comfortable in and around the water.  I learnt to swim at a young age and at school swam reasonably well in competition.  In my early teen years three friends, me one of them, got together and with the aid of a dad we made a kayak each.  Following that we spent a lot of time out and about kayaking.  The confines of a school classroom didn’t suit me at all so the NAVY beckoned.  I spent a few years there and got the opportunity to sail a little and learned to scuba dive. Lived and surfed on the Gold Coast and then worked around a swimming pool and in later years have come back to canoeing and kayaking, swimming and scuba diving.  The major influence and interest in my life has been the water so it seems almost natural that I find myself drawn to the thought of spending a few more years on or near the water living and touring on a sailboat.

For the past 30 of my 50 years of work I have led school aged students and youth in outdoor adventure activities.  For now I have come to a point where I’ve had enough of work and the responsibility associated with kids in the wilderness.   It’s time to get out and about and live a few more of my own adventures while I am still physically capable to do so.

Whilst my sailing skills and experience are, at the moment, somewhat limited I believe that learning by doing will get us where we want to be.   The future and our sailing adventures should be enjoyed and not something to fear so I don’t see us going too extreme in what we try to do just yet.  Fair weather sailing may be our goal for now.

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