Sitting by the dock of the ……

Vaega tolu has a berth in a riverside marina. Consequently, there is a huge variety in the type of traffic that passes by. Some of it I see as I sit on deck but there is a lot goes by whilst I am below or away in town. Also having a berth close to the fuel dock brings a lot of boats close by.

I was gifted a time lapse camera so, as a matter of interest here is one day in the life on my stretch of river. Every time I watch it I see different things – the Police boat, the Border Force boat, the Barrier Reef tour boat, the bird stretching its wings and the general coming and going and passing by of a lot of river users. For a river in a regional town there is a surprising amount of traffic.

The daily passing by at my berth

The riverside marina with tides, currents, wind and waves can at times provide a lively berth, hence regular and gentle rocking and rolling alongside. At one frame every ten seconds for 12 hours if you have 7minutes and 40 seconds to waste – enjoy

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