Haul out 2021

After 20 years in the one job, house and location I finally finished work, April 1 – no, not a joke as many suggested when I told them.  For me that meant moving out of the employer supplied house and moving onto the boat.   Like everyone else, ‘stuff’ accumulates and having 20 years of household items and lifelong ‘heirlooms’ it is a difficult decision as to what is sold, given away, handed down or kept.   Fortunately there was a saviour in moving some things to a new Summer hide away on Macleay island. 

Where to fit 20+ years of ‘stuff’ in a small space is no easy task

At least there were a few days between moving aboard and haul out day.  Besides stowing everything there was no end of tasks to fill the time.  The freezer hadn’t been working properly so there was time to pull it apart.  Being an older boat the freezer had an older type cooling pump that was made in Germany.  So it was off to consult the great God of knowledge – Google, for advice and solutions.  Any search of the pump brand name only detected new pumps and parts for breast pumps – that was not what I was expecting nor was it at all helpful.  So I pulled the pump apart, cleaned the diaphragm and seals and after a few attempts primed the pump and got it working a treat.  Thankfully, we now have ice for our rum.

Haul out was scheduled for 20 April – all went well getting into the slings and onto the hardstand.  It was a welcome surprise as to how well the last antifoul paint has stood up.  Although I do imagine that is mostly because we haven’t ventured too far afield at all.  

There were a few barnacles but after a good pressure wash they were mostly gone.

High and dry gives time for all those must do out of the water jobs.  A light sand and prep and three coats antifoul bottom paint, polished the hull above waterline and serviced all the seacocks.   

The open space of the yard made it easier to inspect the anchor chain.  Yep, got the 60 metres just like the previous owner had suggested and it’s all still in good condition as is the 20kg Bruce.   

When I left work the guys in the art department were kind enough to make a nice new vinyl name sticker so that was added on the stern – naming is now complete.

Naming is complete – Vaega tolu

That made up six full days of boat work on the hardstand – I am beginning to wonder when the relaxing retired life starts.  

For now we have had to leave her on the hard whilst we head to Brisbane to start the moving process onto Macleay Island.

Splash day is booked for when we return and then there will be more boat work ahead and moving house before we head off. 

Nice and shiny for an old boat – hopefully it should all hold up for another year or more.

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